What Our Customers Say

“I am very satisfied with the Michael Lanteri Agency. The office staff is extremely helpful every time I call and I'm very appreciative of their time and efforts. Thank you for always being there for me!”


“The Michael Lanteri Agency Team is amazing! They know how to make us feel like family. I haven't ever had an insurance agent that cares so much.”


“I enjoy working with this agency. The Michael Lanteri Agency are well informed and are there to answer any questions that may come to mind. I also like that they remember who I am and are always friendly. Thank you for giving me great costumer service for many years.”


“The Costumer Service has always been a ten at the Michael Lanteri Agency. You have always been there for our needs. Thank you so very much. I would willingly recommend your company to others.”


“Michael Lanteri Agency has always been there for us. That's why my daughters and I are insured with them. Our vehicles and homes are all insured with the Michael Lanteri Agency. We are satisfied with the results of our claims, whether it be our vehicle or homes. We have always been treated with courtesy and respect. Thank you, Michael Lanteri Agency. ”