Supplemental Insurance

Supplemental Insurance

When you are hurt in an accident, it could mean you’ll be unable to work. You could even become stricken with a serious illness that means you can’t work. In either case, you could face financial hardships that would make the situation worse. If health insurance won’t cover all of your bills, then you could be looking at huge bills. This is where supplemental insurance can help.

This coverage supplements your existing health insurance by paying for uncovered expenses.
Anyone can benefit from this type of policy, but some might find it more beneficial than others. People whose health insurance requires a large amount of out-of-pocket costs benefit the most from supplemental coverage. It’s also good for people with high-risk jobs, such as firefighters.

Types of Coverage

You have options when it comes to supplemental policies. Critical illness insurance is coverage for people diagnosed with illnesses such as cancer. And accident insurance pays if you are injured at work or elsewhere and can’t work. Then there is hospital insurance that pays for costs of hospitalization that your health insurance doesn’t.

The benefit of supplemental coverage is you have additional help paying medical expenses. Medical care is expensive, and it helps to have extra finances at your disposal.